Driveway Patrol Motion Detector

Use to monitor the mailbox, garage, driveway or countless other places. The Driveway Patrol Alarm features battery operation and 400 foot range; means no wiring is necessary. See more at our driveway alerts page.

Driveway Motion Sensors

These sensors will detect vehicles, people, and if you are out in the country, possibly deer. The sensor and transmitter are combined into one device (unit). These detector / sensors are generally the least expensive and easiest to install and most commonly used driveway motion alert systems. See our driveway alerts systems page for more information.

Pressure Tube Driveway Sensors

The sensor is a 25 foot air hose connected to a transmitter box. When a vehicle drives over the air hose, the transmitter sends an alert to the receiver. Installation and cost are similar to the driveway motion detector.

Voice Alert System 6 – Wireless Motion Sensor Alert

Would you like to be alerted when …Cars are coming up the driveway * Intruders approach the front or backyard * Someone enters your garage * Visitors are walking to the front door * Your parked boat or motor home has been boarded * Someone is in the pool. Learn more at our wireless driveway alarms page.

Driveway Alarm Set Rodann RX/TX – 2000A

This new Rodann model consists of two components. A transmitter and a receiver. This is the driveway alert chime of choice for any drive up or drive-thru application. Use at banks, pharmacies, dry cleaners, convenience stores, coffee shops or any other drive thru application. To learn more visit our wireless driveway alarms page.

Voice Alert System 6 – Wireless Motion Sensor Monitor Alert

Voice Alert System-6 is a new annunciator system featuring wireless PIR sensors transmitters and a remote receiver/speaker base unit. Users record their own alert messages and are then notified with their own voice message when activity in a monitored is detected. Key applications include: Wireless Driveway Alarm – Residential and Small Business Security – Child Monitoring and Pool Safety – Home Automation. See more at our entry alerts page.

Alarm Motion Sensors

These sensors can be used to sense motion in a covered area (defined by each sensor). These motion detector sensors need power and generally provide a Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC) NO/NC signal or a 12VDC signal to activate a circuit as simple as an alarm bell or alert chime when the motion detector sensors sees motion in its’ coverage area. See more on our door entry alerts page.

Entry Alerts

Entry Alert products; has commercial, retail, business and residential systems that Alert you of an entering person using an invisible electric eye laser IR beam Entry Alert. The sensor is an invisible point to point line between two sensors or a sensor and a reflector, making it a reflective beam sensor. These systems are good for entry ways (or open door ways) or where doors are kept wide open during business hours

Mobile Phone Cellular Alarm Dialers

No Landline, No Problem! Have your burglar, fire, water, or temperature alarm notify you that it is going off via an auto alarm dialer using your wireless cellular mobile phone service. Don’t rely on others nearby to hear your security alarm and act. See more at our specialty alarm page

Sensaphone Auto Alarm / Alert Dialer Power and Temperature Alarm Environmental/Process monitoring & control, FGD400

The Sensaphone Dialer FGD400 monitors your computer rooms, equipment centers, offices, or any unattended facility to detect power failures, temperature extremes, intrusions, water incursion, sounds such as smoke and burglar alarms, and other conditions of your choice. See more in our specialty alarms page.