Driveway Patrol Motion Detector

Use to monitor the mailbox, garage, driveway or countless other places. The Driveway Patrol Alarm features battery operation and 400 foot range; means no wiring is necessary. See more at our driveway alerts page.

Driveway Alert – Wireless

Never be caught off guard again using the Chamberlain Driveway Alert. Chamberlain wireless motion alert systems detect motion and alert you when a pedestrian or vehicle approaches your home or property. The weather-resistant motion sensors feature an adjustable sensitivity control to prevent false alarms from small animals.

Pressure Tube Driveway Sensors

The sensor is a 25 foot air hose connected to a transmitter box. When a vehicle drives over the air hose, the transmitter sends an alert to the receiver. Installation and cost are similar to the driveway motion detector.

Driveway Motion Detectors

These sensors will detect vehicles, people, and if you are out in the country, possibly deer. The sensor and transmitter are combined into one device (unit). These detector / sensors are generally the least expensive and easiest to install. Most commonly used driveway motion sensor; therefore greatest selection of wireless driveway alarms. For more information visit our driveway alerts page.

Dakota Alert Vehicle Sensor Driveway Motion Alert

The receiver is powered by a 12VDC transformer. The receiver also offers a 5 minute exit delay so you can leave the house without disturbing any occupants as well as a reminder beep and counter function. For more information see our driveway alerts page.

Driveway Alert Systems

All of our wireless driveway alerts have a wireless receiver which provides an audible and/or visual alert when someone enters your driveway. Vehicle detector sensors include driveway motion and magnetic driveway sensors.

Driveway Patrol – Drive Way Alert – Wireless Driveway Alarm System

Currently selling like crazy on TV under the name “Drive Way Alert”, this great 2 piece product will alert you if a car or person passes by the transmitter. Simply place the transmitter near the entrance to your driveway, anything passing by the transmitter will cause the receiver to sound a pleasant chime. The transmitter can also be placed by the front door to alert you if small children (or big children at night!) try to leave the house. Business owners can place the unit by the front door and be alerted when customers enter the store while working in the back. Please see our driveway alarms page for more information.

Chamberlain Driveway Alarm – Wireless Motion Alert

The Chamberlain Driveway Alarm is a wireless motion alert system that instantly tells you when and where someone enters your home or property. Ideal for home and business use. For more information on this product visit our wireless driveway alarms page.

Dakota Alert Long Range Two-Way Radio Alert

The M538-HT is a hand-held MURS transceiver that will receive alert signals from the MURS Alert™ transmitter and also can be used for two-way voice communications between other MURS transceivers.The HT has five channels and 38 sub channels to help you communicate with other users. To learn more visit our driveway alerts page.

Long Range Two-Way Radio Alert System, M-538BS

Anyone who needs to have real time monitoring and two-way voice communication will benefit from MURS.The base station can also be used to communicate with the M538-HT hand-held radio. This allows someone in the house or shop to be in direct contact with someone out in the field. This allows a parent to keep track of the kids, or a supervisor to stay in touch withtheir employees.  For more information visit our driveway alerts page.