Driveway Alert – Wireless

Never be caught off guard again using the Chamberlain Driveway Alert. Chamberlain wireless motion alert systems detect motion and alert you when a pedestrian or vehicle approaches your home or property. The weather-resistant motion sensors feature an adjustable sensitivity control to prevent false alarms from small animals.

Driveway Motion Sensors

These sensors will detect vehicles, people, and if you are out in the country, possibly deer. The sensor and transmitter are combined into one device (unit). These detector / sensors are generally the least expensive and easiest to install and most commonly used driveway motion alert systems. See our driveway alerts systems page for more information.

Mace Wireless Security System

If a window or door is broken into or disturbed once the system is set, an alarm will sound and the Mace system will dial up to 5 telephone numbers that you program into it. Any kind of movement that the motion detector picks up will be detected and the alarm will sound off as well. The only thing needed for the unit is a landline with “tone” dialing.